Joomla!-based Web Sites

Joomla! is an extremely popular open source content management system (CMS). I've been getting a lot of calls from clients wanting Joomla!-based sites, because this very powerful system allows non-technical people to manage the content (words and pictures) on their own site. And it's free! Much like iPhone apps, there are countless components that expand the core functions of a Joomla! site and allow it to do amazing things for only a few dollars.

Home page for Jyl Auxter

Jyl Auxter is a spiritual teacher and yoga instructor who lives in Frankfurt, Germany.

ADDITIONAL FEATURES ADDED: Installation and configuration of RocketTheme template, PayPal buttons, Social Media widget, Constant Contact integration

Home page for Consider It Done! Cleaning Services

Consider It Done! offers premium home cleaning services using eco-friendly cleaning products.

Home page for The University Series

Creative Director: Father Dave Heney
Joomla Developer: Lisa Clearlite
Graphic Designer:Colin Ross

The University Series™ allows students to register online for more than 90 seminars connecting the Catholic faith with real life in areas such as current events, contemporary moral issues, faith and science, church history and prayer.

My role in this project was to install the Joomla system, customize the template to match the graphic designer"s specifications, and integrate the shopping cart system and PayPal for secure online payment processing.

ADDITIONAL FEATURES ADDED: Professional Cart Solutions (shopping cart system), Paypal Module (processes PayPal payments)

Client List

In addition to these sites, I have also partnered with art directors and designers to develop Web content and banner ads for additional Internet clients.